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Amax Insulation Services proudly offer innovative, progressive and eco-friendly thermal insulation services to the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors across the whole of the UK. As a thermal insulation contractor, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and pride ourselves on keeping a forward thinking attitude to deliver the best possible results for our customers and environment.

Our team has over 15 years of experience working in commercial and industrial thermal insulation projects across the construction industry, including new build and refurbishment, repair and maintenance work. Our team of professionals are all health and safety accredited.

Why use a thermal insulation contractor?

Well insulated mechanical and domestic pipework, duct services require a lower consumption of heating fuel allowing them to run at desired optimum levels, hot or chilled, for less. Services well insulated will also last longer due to not having to work as hard to maintain performance, meaning less repairs and renewals.

Moisture and freezing happens when the temperature of the pipe or ducting is cooler than the surrounding air in an air conditioned environment, and condensation will occur. This can slowly lead to pipe corrosion, pooling water, damp ceilings and walls -creating a perfect environment for rot and mould. A well insulated water service will also be protected from harsh elements and cold weather, reducing the risk of expanding frozen water leading to system failure or splits and bursts.

In accordance with building regulations, voids must be sealed with cavity barriers if they extend beyond a certain dimension. Ductwork passing through any building which has a specific fire resistance period in place must maintain compartment integrity. Passive fire protection insulation, along with the manufacturers guidance, can bring the buildings and areas of concerns up to fire safety standards. Specific insulation is fire safe and non combustible, extending time in the event of a fire by helping contain the fire and smoke to ensure the safe exit of personnel.

Noise pollution is a rising problem in many commercial buildings. Excessive noise can adversely affect our cognitive functions. In an office environment it can lead to headaches, reduced listening capacity and stress. Pipe services, motors on duct systems and soil vent pipes down buildings cause vibrations which travel through floors and walls. With the correct insulation the excessive noise will be absorbed and reduced. In situations where good sound quality is required; residential buildings, meeting rooms, theatres, studios and libraries, acoustic insulation is essential in achieving better productivity and quality of life.

We ensure all personnel are protected against extreme temperatures. In the commercial and industrial industries, personnel will come into close proximity to extreme temperatures. With the correct insulation and thickness installed the temperature will be greatly reduced, preventing severe burn injuries.

A layer of insulation in industrial, commercial, and domestic areas will prevent loss of energy – increasing the energy efficientcy of the services, and therefor reducing pollution and co2 emissions to help protect our environment. A well insulated hot water pipe will retain heat and reduce energy loss. Heat loss occurs when hot water is travelling along pipes to its destination, whether it be the second floor or the twentieth floor. Insulating this space and reducing the energy loss results in huge energy savings.

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